Essentielles Neueste
Kurz (< 5 min ) Mittellang (5-15min) Lang (>15min)



Microvariations: Moving the chest (EN)
Play (EN)
Students about the School for Physical and Cognitive Practices (EN)
Music is everywhere (EN)
Edible plants (EN)
Carving spoons
Education - Physical and Cognitive Practices (EN)
Fulness (EN)
Tension and Relaxation (EN)
Oldschool (EN)


Insight into Partnerwork (EN)
A sequence of jumping
Microvariations: Moving the chest (EN)
Stepping out of the city (EN)

Kurz (bis zu 5 min)

Insight into Partnerwork (EN)
A sequence of jumping (EN)
Playing with pentatonic scales (EN)
Three boards and a rod (EN)
A sequence of jumping
Staying in line (EN)
Wrist activation (EN)
Learning sequences (EN)
One class in November (EN)
Advanced SROMP Example (EN)
Winter Quarters (EN)
Woodworking Tools (EN)
Woodworking (EN)
Counting (EN)
Play (EN)
Thoughts on the end of a session (EN)
Typical Client/Therapist Conflict
Paris 1
Paris 2
Stalking animals in the forest (EN)
Students about the School for Physical & Cognitive Practices (EN)
2 Day Physical & Cognitive Practices in Warsaw
Stalking (EN)
Wildnis Training (EN)
Spirit of the Summer
Music is everywhere (EN)
Edible plants (EN)
Carving spoons (EN)
Restoring chairs (EN)
Morning Practice (EN)
Animal Layer Intensity (EN)
Writing with the Other Hand (EN)
Physical & Cognitive Practices Workshop Day 2 (EN)
Physical & Cognitive Practices Workshop Day 1 (EN)
Coordinations (EN)
Fulness (EN)
Tension and Relaxation (EN)
Wide Angle Vision (EN)
Basic Standing Coordinations (EN)
Hamburg Summer Camp
Car Accident (EN)
Oldschool (EN)
Obsolete (EN)
Tree Climbing (EN)
Seasons (EN)
Bouncing Stretching (EN)
Floor Sequences (EN)
Improvisation (EN)
Practicing (EN)
Progress (EN)
Basic Intensive 1.1 (EN)
Bouldering 2
Bouldering 1
Wall Traverses (EN)
Metabolic Conditioning with a Wall (EN)
Advanced Open Intensive (EN)
On the 30 Day Intensive (EN)
Annika - Careful Scientist in the Handstand (EN)
Rolling Sequence (EN)
Dance Move Machine (EN)
Crafting (EN)
Playing (EN)
Basic Intensive (EN)
Crashing into a Nap (EN)
30 Day January Intensive 2018 (EN)
Hamburg Wintercamp 2018 (EN)
Grundlagen Intensive
Animal Layer 2017 (EN)
Sequencing (EN)
Education (EN)
The Mobile-Phone-Hat (EN)
Floor Work Improvisation (EN)
Hamburg 2017 (EN)
Some Fundamental Topics (EN)
150 Minuten Training in 40 Sekunden
Intensification Sessions (EN)
Dance - Work - Dance
Some Clips of 2016
Petter - Joseph -Moving around
75 seconds of a class (EN)
Improvisation - Balancing on a thin rail
Training 5th Feb 2015
Fontainebleau 2014
46sec. Of Wallrun-Dinos
The Muscle-Up Squad
Line 21. Dec
Rotational Traverse
Joseph Bartz Training
Playground Explorations
Climbing to Balancing
Fontainebleau 2012
Herbstwald - Autumn Woods
Moving in Nature - Bewegung in der Natur

Mittellang (5-15min)

Microvariations: Moving the chest (EN)
Staying fresh in teaching (EN)
Thoughts on the end of a session (EN)
Floor Workshop - learn to flow on the floor
Animal Layer 2019 - Thoughts after the Workshop (EN)
The Basic Intensive
On the floor (EN)
Changing States (EN)
Education - Physical & Cognitive Practices (EN)

Lang (>15min)

Martin Kilvady Teaching Dance (EN)
The School Diary (EN)