Bouldering & Floorwork Intensive (Day 2)

The second day of the Bouldering & Floorwork Intensive.
Diving deeper into both topics, integrating drills and single movements, exploring the possibility to improvise. The video shows the idea of repeating routes and doing them in lots of different ways, changing movements and qualities. In the Video „1h 1 Route” I presented this approach initially. This can be a creative tool and done for joy or also for performance aspects, to make you a better climber. Through this idea, you might also realise, that actually there is no need for huge climbing facilities and hundreds of routes to climb as you can spend a whole training on just one route. The question is more if your brain is wired to get new stimuli and instant gratification all the time or if you can stay with one thing. Indeed repeating routes is one of the many brain protective measures that we take to reclaim authority over oneself.


Joseph Bartz