Basic Intensive

We taught another Basic Intensive on the last weekend. Actually it was Basic Intensive 1.1 because we changed many things and improved the concept of the Intensive, partly on feedback, partly on observation of the participants. What I do is constantly and always changing. Every day I try to improve the way that I teach. Every day.
One feedback that we get very regularly is, that it is such a nice difference to many other workshops how personal the atmosphere is. The maximum of people I allow in my intensives is what other people demand as the minimum so that they leave their house. My prices are chosen in a way to allow a wide array of people to come, but to allow me to teach workshops where I can interact with everyone on a very personal level. I will know all names by heart - before the workshop. I give every student the opportunity to learn closely and personally. Not anonymously. In fact, most of my close students have been at my home, sitting together with us at the fire in our garden. We are a community. If you want to stay anonymous, you have many opportunities, many workshops no one will ask for your name, the teacher will have zero personal interaction with you. If you want to have an ongoing personal process, where human beings gather, you are welcome to come here. You are invited. As a human being, not just as a number.
Thanks to Annika, Clemens and Christian - my teaching team, for helping me this weekend. Our teaching is based on many brains and bodies. Not one.


Joseph Bartz