Saturday we often do some different stuff in the group class than on a week day. The last two times we went to this dry artificial pond and played group games with a tennis ball. We just start with a basic rule setup and from there we take rules in and out and go through variations. I like the implementation of the environment in that case and the simpleness of just inventing a game on the spot, playing it for some time and then changing it.
A variation that I liked especially this Saturday was playing "the hot potato", basically volley ball with a tennisball, with the following rules:
Primary rule:
-You cannot grab our hold the ball.
Secondary rule:
-Ball cannot touch the ground.
Extra rule:
-Every team member has to touch the ball at least once before it can be thrown to the other team.
Variation of this rule: Every team member has to touch the ball exactly once, before it must be thrown to the other team.

I like this extra rule a lot because it makes everyone be involved in the game equally and requires teamwork.
We do not count points or assign winners. Competing is not my thing. I prefer cooperation much more. We just play and enjoy, while we get to train our abilities. The goal of this game is that every player feels happy. We win all together.


Joseph Bartz