Restoring chairs


25th of March 2019

Annika where recently introduced into a new craft. I did basket weaving before but never repaired a chair. As we had two chairs with a broken seating area, and these chairs had been already restored before by my father, the thought of repairing them ourselves came up naturally. Fortunately, we have a friend who is doing this professionally and was so kind to teach us. ⁣

I do not care much about machines getting smarter, I care about my hands getting smarter and being able to do things. Restores these chairs has been very meditative, with a few frustrating moments. A much richer experience than letting them be repaired by someones else (which you cannot really call an experience at all).⁣

In the school, I introduce people to all sorts of different crafts. For most, this is a completely new terrain. ⁣

Joseph Bartz