On the floor


4th of June 2019

Sitting on the floor is an integral part of the Basic Intensive. ⠀

We show different sitting positions, transitions and ways to stand up and sit down. You can do this as a training session or integrate it into your daily life, whatever suits you. This has a beautiful effect on the mobility and health of the legs. I find it very powerful and therefore I teach it to all newcomers. ⠀

You do not need to wait for someone to teach you this, you can start to sit on the floor and from there begin to play with going through different positions. It is less important that you do some special movements here, then to just start and do something to counterbalance all the sitting on chairs.

Joseph Bartz

Einblicke (mit „on the floor“ zusammenfügen?) <- ja zusammenfügen

Sitting on the Floor

Ziel des Intensives ist es auch den Schülern Werkzeuge für das „Lernen von schlechten Lehrern” in die Hand zu geben. Also das Lernen von Lehrern die nicht richtig erklären und aufschlüsseln können, was sie vom Schüler wollen.

Joseph Bartz