One class in November

This class included:

- The Stick Game (by Ido) with variations (only squat, only lunge, only hinge)

- Reaching Work in the Contra and Ipsi Crawling Position (see my online reaching workshop for more)

- Seen in the video: keep a firm grip on the stick and let the stick initiate your movement at the floor.

- Repetition of singular movements

- Practice of short sequences (examples seen in the video)

- midsection training with the band Quadratus Lumborum Exercise (see my YouTube Video: my favorite back exercise that you are probably not doing), and plank with elbow lifts (work hard on anti-rotation).

So we have here: solution-orientated work where you have more choices about what you do, as long as you solve the problem, and execution-orientated work, where movements are predetermined and drilled. Another thing present: movements with a lot of tension, as well as very relaxed ways of moving


Joseph Bartz