During the winter the group training in Berlin is focused on exercises and less on open material. We build skills and changes in the winter for the summer. It’s a more numerical training. Very concentrated work, that stays similar over a period of time to progress and track progress. This is the other end of the open, complex improvisation practice that we do a lot as well, but it is equally exciting to work on a few specific skills, push them forward and see the progress. This is reassuring you again and again that through devoting time and effort you can change things, which is a very powerful and exciting feeling. I as well enjoy a lot to see how people feel excited about being able to stand in a Handstand for 60seconds or be in a split for the first time in their life.
The pictures are showing Christian, who is present in 9 out of 10 trainings and shows therefore progress that is easily trackable.


Joseph Bartz