Basic Intensive

This video is showing a tiny bit of content from our Basic Intensive. The Basic Intensive is offering a very clear and methodic approach to start practicing, with material, plans and videos for 2-6 months of coordinative work and 2-12 months of conditioning work, to lay foundational abilities for further development.
Ipsilateral (same sides) and contralateral (opposite sides) are two basic patterns we harness through various exercises. The idea is that you can always refer back to the feeling and mechanics of ipsi or contra and see ipsi and contralateral motions when something is shown to you to enhance the learning process through a better understanding of what is happening. The understanding and practice of ipsi and contra is one of the five basic tools that we teach in this intensive to decipher standing coordinations and to make it easier to learn new patterns.
To "understand what is happening" and to provide tools for it, is the strategy that relies less on luck than relying on your genetics and your childhood exposure to movement. I claim that "understanding of what is happening" is allowing many people to have a better time.
When you approach ipsi and contralateral we use two models depending on the situation:-The periphery model. Where you look at the arms and legs.
-The center model. Where you look more at hips, spine and shoulders and the different rotations.

Our next Basic Intensives happen in March and June/July. If you are interested you can find the dates on our website. 


Joseph Bartz