30th of October 2018

The Berlin group ("The group with unclear goals") took a Capoeira Workshop together this Sunday taught by Frank Sinatra, Sansao and Playmobil. I never did Capoeira before, we had a wonderful experience. What a great thing. Making music together and moving, wonderful. Also happy that we can learn from unpolitical and grown-up Capoeiristas, as Capoeira is unfortunately heavily poisoned by the "only what I do is the right way to do it"-disease. Thank you guys from Bewegungsspielraumberlinâ €

In the video: Frank Sinatra and Bruno Giustozzi in his first Roda (Bruno is one of my longest students, now teaching as well, learning at different places and also bringing his knowledge back to us, great to have this friendship for so many years now)

Joseph Bartz