Teaching in the morning and the evening at the moment.
▫️Two sessions a day is a very effective way of training. Maybe one of the main lessons I took from Ido.
In the evening sessions we finish a 6-week intense locomotion practice at the moment, while the mornings are a mix of Qi Gong taught by Kerem Shemi from Wudang, handstands, straight arm strength, brachiating, coordinations and soccer practice.
▫️I often ask myself: „what is the place in the world or society for the practice that I offer?”
One of my students just finished school and now spends a lot of time training with us and I think that this is a very useful place for the practice, after 10-13 years of mainly brain and memory work in school, spending time with practical work like movement, like making things with your hands, like exploring nature and the world we live in. The second part of education starts after school.


Joseph Bartz