Students Knitting

9th of February 2018

On Tuesday, we finished the 30 Day Intensive Month. It was a great time. For me, it was a great pleasure to have so much time with people so that we can go deeply into the topics. The topics of the last week were partner work & games, taking the spine and floor material into the improvisation, as well as crafting and philosophy.

The picture shows one of the crafting sessions: knitting a hat. I work with many different materials, wood, stone, bone, wool, cloth, etc. In this intensive, we worked with wood and yarn. Two very different materials. Making and repairing your things is not happening a lot these days. In capitalism, you should buy, not craft. But crafting is one of these human things that make us realize we are in this world, and we can change, form, and create our environment—the Homo Faber. IKEA go home.

Joseph Bartz