30 Day January Intensive 2018

We have entered the second week of the 30 Day January Intensive.
Today I introduced rolling and falling. First on the soft floor, and rather sooner than later we bring it to the hard floor.
The one month intensive is definitely one of my favourite ways to practice with people. There is enough time to develop things that need time. Many things need a lot of time. Things like the „doing nothing”-practice, the slow walking practice, awareness exercises, and a wide range physical practice need their time.
First week was centred around the spine, jumping footwork, arm-swings and conditioning the body for a wide range practice with strength, mobility and balance exercises.
The 30 Day Intensive contains a lot of physical practice, as well as philosophical, awareness and wilderness practices.
our daily group sessions are at the moment containing one part „summer-preparation”, the virtuous, less playful exercises, the monk way of practicing, and second part creative dance work taught by Annika.


Joseph Bartz