Intensification Sessions

2nd of May 2017

We just finished a 3-month program of "intensification sessions": two extra 4h morning sessions added to our evening classes.

It made me happy that the group very gladly took this idea.

We decided to make it serious. No missing sessions without reason (sickness, helping someone, traveling, work), being on time, doing the whole three months etc.

The people who participated made significant progress in the topics we worked on. Eight extra hours of training makes a huge difference in how your practice unfolds. Now we rest it for six weeks, so people can organize their morning training by themselves again and don't become reliant on me, also now I get again more time to research new material.

I called it sessions instead of classes to make clear that we would spend a lot of time "just doing the work", without me needing to say much. I was training alongside my mates, saying something when needed (anyway, I am always training with the group when I teach as well, I want to be a part of them, not an outsider).

@josephbartz: Is that a metronome running in the background? What is the purpose behind it? Thanks!137Wo.Antworten

@kjv2711 yes it's a metronome. It's used to count your seconds. When upside down, people count in all sorts of tempos. The metronome makes the training more accurate and allows for more precise programming, which will probably create more/better/quicker results.

Joseph Bartz