Dance Move Machine

This video is showing the entry level of the Dance Move Machine. This exercise is a tool for learning upright coordinations. The DMM is training several coordinative aptitudes, namely rhythm, reaction, coupling, changing and orientation. The DMM has around 75 levels/variations, starting from just using the feet, then integrating the arms and later the head. The main idea with this tool was the introduction of coordinates to people, to help decipher upright movements that they see. The basic concept is very simple and doesn't need to stay a secret: we use the clock, because everyone knows the clock. 1-12. The first levels of the Dance Move Machine are therefore about reacting to the numbers given by your partner with a step on this imaginary number on the ground, while you stay in rhythm. The first seven levels are variations of this, after that we introduce the arms and make it more and more difficult, while you learn to process the given information quicker and quicker. Especially the later levels have given the exercise it's name, as the instructions of your partner will make you do recognisable and ridiculous dance moves, which is a lot of fun, which helps the learning process a lot.
We teach the Dance Move Machine in our Basic Intensive.


Joseph Bartz