Animal Layer 2017

The Animal Layer 2017
A Workshop full of experiences. In this workshop I provide experiences that are uncommon and not so available in the common life in our society. This starts with the „small things” that we don’t give much attention to usually, but have a great impact on our lives. Examples for this are that we don't use clocks, digital technology and sleep outside during the workshop.
The Animal Layer is a certain layer, that we dived throughout the days, when you brain goes into a more primal mode from all the sleep deprivation from having night missions, the fasting, as we often only ate one meal per day and all the accumulated pure experiences of being constantly outside, working with your hands, your body and being in nature.
The experiences of the Animal Layer Workshop can go very deep and affect the soul. That part of us that we protect so much through all the armor that we build around us through our behavior, our habits, our beliefs…
Here are some pictures of the Animal Layer 2017.


Joseph Bartz