Edible plants


30th of June 2019

We run to the supermarket while we are surrounded by edible plants. ⁠

Knowing plants is abandoned knowledge nowadays. We keep it up. To know the name of a plant is nothing we really care about, it just works as a door opener into the world of plants. As the search for the name lets us drop into opening the senses. Observation and knowledge become a feedback loop and through the time you become indigenous in your environment. ⁠

How can you start? Take a plant book or app, choose a plant and start searching for it. Through searching one, you will get to know many.⁠

I usually start people with trees.⁠

Go search for alder. If you found alder, go search for locust. If you found locust, go search for ash.⁠

Come to our school if you want to get educated on what we call "Physical & Cognitive Practices"⁠.⁠

Photo by Andy Day

Joseph Bartz