Improvising on some rails with @simon.pouly from Hamburg. Simon and I are learning from each other for many years now.
We are doing a lot of Parkour at the moment in the group classes. Very different mode of practice from the winter. I make sure I do technical teaching only as much as needed, not as much as possible here because I want to help people to explore freely and self-responsible. Otherwise we would just practice some moves on rails and walls and not what I think is crucial in Parkour, which is, in my personal opinion, to go into a dialogue with the environment, to be in the world. And for that, you need to make your own steps and use your own creativity. So we have usually around 50% of the training time without me really guiding, I am just also there and practice. Not always easy for everyone, as many people want to be guided, but my goal is always to make myself obsolete. Teachers that want to control and keep their students for too long might want to contemplate on their real motives.


Joseph Bartz