Stalking animals in the forest⁠

12th of June 2021

Looking for animals in the forest in the morning, before the other people come with their dogs and loudness. ⁠

Here we have been close to a marten who was first hopping around on the ground and then jumping and climbing through the trees above us. A moment before, a dozen wild pigs were eating close to us. ⁠
⁠ Later I was standing just a few meters away from a horde of wild pigs in the bush. I stay unnoticed, but when they started to surround me carelessly, I notified them of my presence to play it safe. I rather not mess with mothers protecting their children.⁠

We went on a stalk into the forest as part of the practice days currently happening. The next dates are in August and September⁠ 2021.

Joseph Bartz