Crashing into a Nap

Student Napping

25th of January 2018

I have a folder on my computer of photos like this, where people crashed into a sleep after training. It is not just the more energetic work, where you use your strength and endurance that is tiring, but actually it is the constant learning of new things that is so tiring for the brain. Indeed the practice is training the brain a lot. By far not everything we do is "brainy-work", as we also do things that are pure enjoyment and relaxing the brain. We practice learning and first of all it doesn't matter so much what you learn, but the main ability is to keep your learning ability. People get worse and worse in learning new things the older they get. So the claim is, that a learning practice is healthy, because it keeps the brain active and plastic and that a learning practice allows you to constantly reevaluate the truth, as every new thing learned can potentially challenge old beliefs. We are in the 3rd week of the 30 Day Intensive Month in January now and as you can see from this picture of Isak, it is indeed intense. The second week was focusing on rolling & falling, foot coordinations, bouldering, handstands, as well as the introduction of knowing trees, wide angle vision, the "why-exercise", talking about the freedom/prison dilemma and choice making.

Joseph Bartz