Here you see some footage from the Practice Days.

Like with every wide-ranging Endeavour, woodworking has many entry points. One is to go from the very gross to the fine. Starting with splitting wood with the ax and going to more delicate hatched work later, then arriving at carving, etc. Another way that I like is to start without electricity and with minimal tools. Some guys in the video are working with the ax and hatched. Others already have more experience.

You can see some in the preparation of a bow drill set to make fire.
Others have jumped into the next "age" and build furniture with saws, drills, and chisels.

What's the initial woodworking tool to get?
It is not fixed because there are many entries. But it's not a CNC wood router.
Carving knife, saw, hatchet, ax, chisel, or drill are all excellent first choices.

Joseph Bartz