This is a collection of floor sequences mainly from the year 2017 that I found on my phone and put together as a video.
These are all sequences that I taught during classes or Intensives.

I have no fixed sequences, I always make them newly up on the spot. This is on purpose. I do not want to become stupid, I rather forget my sequences again and build new ones because this keeps me intelligent and it allows new things to happen. It also makes sure I do not become one of these teachers that do exactly the same thing year after year. What I do is changing all the time.
Through teaching always changing sequences I aim to help people build a big repertoire of movements that is allowing them to play and flow freely.
I would often prepare my sequences in my mind, for example while driving, practising movement cognitively, this is a great pleasure for me, I love to move, I love to think.


Joseph Bartz