Bouldering & Floorwork Intensive (Day 1)

First day of the Bouldering & Floorwork Intensive.The approach I present in the bouldering section is to train climbing. There is a difference between training and performing. Almost no one in the bouldering gyms, besides some higher level climbers, is doing any climbing t r a i n i n g. Me and my students are one of the only people that I can see doing any drills on the climbing wall. I will write more reasons why I think using a training approach in climbing is useful and why I think people are not doing it. The drill shown in the video, performed by Christian, is the „Silky Hand Climb” or „Sloth Climb”, where lightly touch the new hold for 3s before you grab it. This drill is teaching you about positioning and stability on the wall and can be also used as a strengthener. 


Joseph Bartz