Hamburg 2017

At the moment I am teaching a 5 day camp in Hamburg, to a group of people that I feel I can introduce to the deep layers of my work. The work that I do is about exploring life. Being, becoming and understanding. I believe movement is a big part of that, I also believe that many other things are. For example sitting on a chair with nothing to do. And I do not talk about meditation, I talk about something before, that lays the base for a meditation. 

Back in Berlin from our 5 Day Training Camp in Hamburg.
What a great time. Thank you guys.
In these 5 days we have trained a lot and experienced a lot. We have also grown together and built the feeling of a tribe, eating together, having discussions where everyone is heard. 
Some topics we have worked on:
▫️Moving close to the floor. Using a pattern and finding all sorts of options.
▫️Coordinations, learning new movements, challenging your brain, understanding principles.
▫️The Change of State. An idea that is about experiencing the differences states of the body.
▫️The Movement-Jam. Doing the actual thing. The thing you have been preparing for.
▫️Finding internal structure.
▫️Selective Tension and the Flip-Flop Dance
▫️Thinking movement. Practicing movement in your head.
▫️Knowing Trees
▫️„There is nothing to do”-practice.
▫️The bodyweight-meditation.
▫️The „I know that!”-Bias.
▫️The Revolt.
▫️The „Why”-Lecture.
▫️The „Clown”-Lecture.
▫️The „2 Types of Being”-Lesson.


Joseph Bartz