Lebenspraxis Podcast

The Lebenspraxis, or life practice, is about living a life of purpose and action. In this podcast, we talk about how we actively live and teach the Lebenspraxis. We introduce and discuss the physical and cognitive components that support our practice. We explore how to live a good life.

To discover the infinity in everything. To take responsibility for what we do. To get up every day and look at things with eyes wide open. To care. This is how we approach things. This is the practice.


Ep. 1 - The effective practice and orderliness (EN)
Ep. 2 - What is Focus? (EN)
Ep. 3 - Ideas to practice your focus (EN)
Ep. 4 - The different parts of the Lebenspraxis (EN)
Ep. 5 - The calm and focused practitioner (EN)
Ep. 6 - Being busy is not a virtue (EN)
Ep. 7 - Letting go of hastiness (EN)
Ep. 8 - Do you need a smartphone? (EN)
Ep. 9 - The roll of primal stressors (EN)
Ep. 10 - Connecting Practice and Family (EN)
Ep. 11 - Focus and the importance of our environment(EN)
Ep. 12 - The fragmented life (EN)
Ep. 13 - On loneliness (EN)
Ep. 14 - Q & A Episode (EN)
Ep. 15 - Napping (EN)
Ep. 16 - Have your tools ready (EN)
Ep. 17 - The simple life (EN)
Ep. 18 - The Morning Routine (EN)
Ep. 19 - The Walking Lifestyle
Ep. 20 - On Mindset and moving forward
Beyond Discipline - Ep. 21 - Lebenspraxis Podcast
Ep. 22 - A better Evening
Ep. 23 - Face the Consequences
Ep. 24 - How I connect with Nature