Ep. 3 - Ideas to practice your Focus

Welcome to the Lebenspraxis Podcast, hosted by Joseph Bartz.

The Lebenspraxis, or life practice, is about living a life of purpose and action.

In this podcast, we talk about how we actively live and teach the Lebenspraxis. We introduce and discuss the physical and cognitive components that support our practice. We explore how to live a good life.

To discover the infinity in everything. To take responsibility for what we do. To get up every day and look at things with eyes wide open. To care. This is how we approach things. This is the practice.

Ep. 3 - Ideas to practice your focus

This podcast is a continuation of the second episode. Here I introduce the following 3 ideas to practice your focus:

1 - reading a book

2 - listening to a whole music album without doing anything else

3 - practicing Soft Range of Motion Practice (SROMP)

For each idea, I give suggestions on how to build up your focus ability slowly. I also talk about the importance of resting and how showing up is not enough if you are not sharp anymore.

Other topics I approach on this episode:

- using your focus versus training your focus

- where strength training and focus training meet

- the difference between boredom and fatigue of concentration

- finding a balance between controlling and following impulses and how this can also apply to your calendar

- the house full of the unfinished projects

External resources:

1. Soft Range of Motion Practice (SROMP):

a) Introduction to SROMP

b) SROMP - Part 1

c) You can also purchase the full SROMP Online Program here

2. Music Album "Four seasons", by Antonio Vivaldi

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