Episode 11 - Focus and the importance of our environment

Episode 11 - Focus and the importance of our environment

In this episode Joseph is introducing and commenting on passages of the book "Stolen Focus" by Johann Hari. Talking about focus and making changes is our daily life, we are mostly forgetting the influence of our environment on our daily life. Diet books as well as digital diet manuals are mostly completely ignoring the socio-cultural surrounding of the reader. As humans we are in constant interaction. We should have a look at it, to address the deeper causes of our problems and to create a sustainable change. To protect our focus, we have to communicate our ideas to the outside world and develop a certain standing.
Further on Joseph takes a look at the phenomena of ADHD and children, inspired by Harris writing. ADHD is often treated badly and especially when children are diagnosed with it, there should be a closer look at their surrounding. An impossibility to concentrate is often linked to a super active nervous system, which is scanning the environment out often a state of fear. What could help to create an environment, which is encouraging children to learn and stay present in a super polluted world? What do we need as humans, to be able to get interested in something and tune into it?

Show notes:
Stolen Focus - Johann Hari
Overwhelmed - Brigitte Schulze

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