Ep. 4 - What are the different parts of the Lebenspraxis?

Ep. 4 - What are the different parts of the Lebenspraxis?

If you have been to any of our seminars, you probably got in touch with the physical aspect of our work. However, this is just one element of the Lebenspraxis, an example of something to be approached as a practice. In this episode, we will focus on the big picture. On practice as an approach to life in general.

Life is not a thing that happens to us but a verb, something that we need to involve our whole being with. I will tell you why this is a good thing and how anything can be approached as a practice, meaning: it is not about what you do but how you do it.

We will delve into what it means to live in reciprocity with the world around us and how caring is imperative to live a good life. I also share with you what my life vision is and how this sense of focus informs all aspects of my Lebenspraxis.

External resources:
"There is nothing to do", by Joseph Bartz
"Waking through walls" - Autobiography by Marina Abramović
"How to Drink a Glass of Water", by Marina Abramović

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