Ep. 7 - Letting go of hastiness

Ep. 7 - Letting go of hastiness

In this episode, Joseph dives further into the Lebenspraxis and gathers a few practical ideas on how to let go of hastiness, while taking the listener on a journey through Gilgamesh's epic, the story of the 3 little piglets and the Amazonian Jungle.

Some topics you will learn about in this episode: how to apply the concept of carpe diem to our days; the consequences of hastiness and how to revolt against it; why reducing open loops in the communication with others is important; how to set up your phone so it does not ruin your focus and the difference between execution and planning and how this relates to training.

External resources:
The Epic of Gilgamesh, Translation by Andrew George
The Practice of Slow Walking
Setting up the activation on your phone
Book "Don't sleep, there are snakes: Life and Language in the Amazonian Jungle", by Daniel Everett

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