30-Day Coordination Challenge

The 30-day coordination challenge. Every day we will post a coordination for you to learn and to be challenged. We will post coordinations of various difficulties easy, medium and more difficult. Regularly learning new movements is a fundamental principle of our practice. Get ready not just to be physically but also mentally challenged. This is an opportunity to get off your ass and challenge body and mind in unison. It doesn’t matter if you learn the coordination on the same day, take the time you need. Just practice and you will reap the benefits. Coordinations will be shown here by me Joseph and by others, like my sister in spirit Mariana Hilgert.

Get ready to be a bit frustrated by learning these coordinations. This is exactly how it should be! Read my article about learning and frustration that you can find on my website.


Tools - How to analyze and Record Videos on Youtube and Instagram

This knowledge will be especially useful for our Coordination Challenge! Use the tools modern technology is providing to figure out videos of complex patterns.

Guys, stay courageous! I know it’s not easy what we are posting. That’s the point! For some, it seems to come more relaxed or „natural, “ but these guys have been practicing coordinations (dancers, martial artists etc.) for a long time. When you get frustrated, and your brain feels like soft spaghettis, that’s precisely the right place to be! This is where you grow and learn! We try to provide something for everyone through our auxiliary videos that show regressions, variations and progressions.

Trust me: When you keep on working and practice these coordinations, you will get better and better and better. You will train your eyes, becoming a better observer. You will get more and more patterns that allow you to grasp more patterns quickly (it’s the principle of compounding here - exponential growth). And your fun will increase the further you practice! Through feeling more coordinated, your perception of your physical proficiency will change tremendously.

Use the tools modern technology is providing to analyze the pattern!



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
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Day 9
Day 10 - First Principle
Day 11 - Second Principle
Day 12 - Third Principle
Day 13 - 2 Types of Practicing
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Day 16 - Forth Principle
Day 17 - Fifth Principle
Day 18 - Sixth and Seventh Principle
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Have fun! Joseph