Open and Relax your Shoulder and get Coordinated - Arm Swing Routine 1

Open and Relax your Shoulder and get Coordinated - Arm Swing Routine 1

This video I use for our coaching. It’s pretty straight forward without theoretical explanation.
The first 10 min are technical explanation of the execution of the 7 arm swings I show. Second 10 min are a follow along with these 7 arm swings.

This is the first set of Arm Swings we start people with.

If you do it regular you will feel profound changes in your coordination, standing movement quality, shoulder relaxation, mobility, and shoulder health.

Note, there are some people I do not recommend these arm swings to.
Who are these people?
People with hypermobile shoulders.
For these people, it’s better to first do strength work in full range (best done with elastic bands) and integrate these arm swings later.

The concept of these arm swings originate in Chinese Martial Arts.

These arm swings can be done for 10–30min.
So you can do each swing for 1–3min, or the first four easier arm swings longer and the other ones slower.
These arm swings are blind spot for many as they are not the typical strength, endurance, or mobility work. You can stay in your world of isolated fitness or understand that there is more than lifting dumbbells, running, and couch stretches.
The effects of these swings are not always immediate, but if you work on them extensively they will actually change your whole body and therefore how you feel and therefore how you are.

They are always present in my training.

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Joseph Bartz