Women of 2019

This video shows the women that are currently part of the 'Joseph Bartz Training Group'. A few years ago, the percentage of women in the group compared to men was very low. There were few women training among many men. This imbalance is going through a change as also the practices we do and the way we train and think about training goes through continuous evolution.

There is an old video called 'The Students of 2017' which shows the work of Online Students at that time. ‚Women of 2019' refers to this but with a different focus, showing most of the women that are part of our training group today.

There are physical and mental things that are differentiating women from men. These differences become especially apparent through the variety we train in (Fighting, Dancing, Parkour, Martial Arts, Strength Training, Mobility, Flexibility and Coordination work, etc.).

Connected to the video, I asked some women to send me their thoughts about being a woman in the Joseph Bartz Training Group:

‚And, there is also another dimension of the training which I cannot describe accurately. A mixture of a social and physical aspect, the spirit of the group, the ways of teaching and maybe the training group as a social entity in general. Seeing that it is possible to create something unique, which runs contrary to many rules of everyday life, is inspiring as such. '

‚Training among women is a beautiful reminder for me of how much we can support and mirror each other. Since I started training, I notice many women, including me, having similar fears and insecurities. No wonder: Strength, parkour, wrestling, handstands, for instance, discipline that we also work on, are very male-based. Going beyond stereotypes and exploring our bodies beyond old narratives is an empowering journey, I am grateful to have started.'

'I think that the Joseph Bartz Training Group had an androcentric approach originally, meaning that it had a predominantly male perspective, failing in seeing the importance of the female perspective. However, this is something that has been changing through time. I have the impression that the group keeps an open attitude of curiosity and concern in front of this topic. To finish, I want to remark the understanding that the group transmits towards family reconciliation. There are consciousness and knowledge about what it means to live a family life.'

Thanks for all the people that participated in this video and wrote down their thoughts.


Joseph Bartz