Students 2017

A bit of collected footage from students from 2017. Almost all the footage is from students not living in Berlin, but from people that are going to Berlin regularly to train and learn and some take additional online help. Some people have spent more time with me, some less. Some have spent years, some months.

The question always is:
What were these people able to do before?
Which is not easy to answer, because every student comes with a different history. But to keep things honest I have only put the footage in, where I feel I have done some real contribution and have been part of the process.

People in the Video:
Petter Skoglund
Simon Pouly
Konstantin Willkommen
Egidijus Kel
Victor Bolzmann
Ivo Ehrhardt-Friedburg
Max Rössner
Jonathan Schmid
Frederic Meija-Duran
Kevin Haiman
Luke Sebastiani
Evan Reiser
Oskar Henke
Bruno Giustozzi
Carlos Roth
Sara Rodriguez-Hernandez
Aleksandra Rodycz

Music: Melody of my Soul, Pt. 1 - Armenian Duduk & Free Until They Cut Me Down - Iron and Wine


Joseph Bartz