Gl├╝ckwunsch - Congratulations

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Ok, one take, one take. so Ah it’s locked. Where is the key? Ah, here.

Congratulations to all people who believe that they’ve found the answer. To all the people who tell other people: if you do this then you will be be redeemed this is what you have to do, it’s the right thing. Trila trila trilu.

So. This video is about the fact that we often exchange our freedom for security. We won’t focus on things like cameras, like surveillance cameras. This is also recorded with a camera, but I do not mean that. It’s rather about when we follow or listen to people who know the answer. And I I’m a bit skeptical as to whether people really know the answer to the stuff they’re talking about.
I never tried that before. A spontaneous attempt, let’s see, I can always try it out. It’s a step towards what I actually strive for in life, that someone is always following me around, going “Badum-tssh” whenever I make a bad joke. Let’s see if I ever achieve that. For now, we can do this here Use the lamp, too, good. Lamp. Bell of course, not lamp.

So in this video here, that I am currently recording and which will get only one take, so I haven’t practised at all, which is why it’s shit, this video is simply about the fact I’m very skeptical about that, about people always acting like they know what to do and what is right and what is wrong. I doubt they actually know that, I rather think basically they just pretend that they know, and thus manipulate people in order to gain power, or to get money or whatever. To be able to work and become famous, and so on and so forth. It happens in religion, but also in other fields.
So whether it’s about something like hobbies, or movement, where people say “you have to do this and this”, or “movement is the best thing on the planet”. Yes, all these things, that make people go Oh yeah, if I only do this, I will be redeemed hahahaha, then I will be redeemed. And well, I’m not so sure if it’s that simple. That is why there are all these tens of billions of paths to Improvement or salvation or whatever. Yoga or Catholicism or Philosophy, different schools, stoicism for example or physical Training and Bliss through that or whatever.
So on many different levels, we are always being told “if you do this, then you reach the next level, the next step and then Everything will be fine and everything will be better.”

A bit of a non-motivational video in this way, because I don’t thing this whole thing is easy. Blablabla, everyone has to find his own thing, that’s somehow obvious if you think about it a bit, or if you’re an adult, then it is clear that everyone has to find his own thing. And all those superlatives like “this is the best” or that there is shit, that there is good, this whole language of angry men, the angry male language that always says what’s right and what’s wrong. That goes “wawawawa”.
There was such a period in Germany when angry men talked a lot and spread solutions. Yes, all these ultimate solutions to the problems that you have to abide by and so on.
This unfortunately works, because As I said, people like security. People ask for it, we all want it, we all want to know what the next step is. We all want safety.
Like this, the house represents safety. If I’m in here and lock the door, then I’m pretty safe. I don’t have to worry about any animals or bigger animals or that other people somehow rob me and on and on and on. I’m pretty safe here.
So we have a very strong sense of security. Everything is designed to ensure that nothing happens to us. And the same is true in thinking, that we Want to have security, things we can stick to when it comes to our world view, to our thinking and so on. And This makes it easy to manipulate people.
Dostoevsky wrote about it, his Grand Inquisitor. If you haven’t, you should read it. Basically he wrote everything about this whole problem. And it is a parody of the Catholic Church, which pretends, like all other churches, that they know the solution and that if you follow them, then everything is right, then you are fine and that’s the same with everyone else.

I’ve also written before, that when someone says he has the solution, THE ONE SOLUTION, I would recommend running out of the room. As quickly as possible. Or if you are not in the room but rather outside, then to run in or something. Yes. Anyway. You will find a solution. So even if you are outside, you can find a way to disappear. Jumping into the water or something. Metaphorically. HAHAHA. I have waited for this, that suddenly something organically arises, so I can ring the bell again. Was not that good, but I really wanted to ring the bell again.

So good, yes, nice. That was a great video. I believe it has definitely improved humanity and enriched the universe.
And now I’m just deciding between closing or going out. I have no pants on. Well then maybe I’ll close it first. I am wearing underpants, so don’t worry ah, underpants, no swimming trunks. Before that I had swimming trunks on.

So, yes, good.
OK. Yes, bye.
So, this can turn off.

Subtitles by: Christian Neppl & Oskar Henke


Joseph Bartz