Annika - Dancing through the Training

Annika dancing through the training.

Annika's explanation

This video is an attempt to combine the things I exercise in a more open, individualised way of moving, which could also be called dancing.

In this video I „dance“ through the different exercising elements like Strength Training, Flexibility, Handstand, Bridging, etc. All ‚basic‘ aspects that are practised all over the world in gyms, training groups, etc.

How often are we exercising during training and how often are we moving during training?

Exercising meaning practising specific exercises for a particular amount of repetitions, alternating one exercise with another to achieve the most progress. Here the focus lies on progression, goals and achievements.

Moving means using what there is openly, adding our present desires, feelings, physical needs.

Here the focus lies on bringing to the surface what is inside us including physical abilities, emotions, wishes, etc.

There are excellent reasons for exercising, but if our practice only stays there, we might not be able to integrate the things we practice later on into a personal way of moving.

What you practice will enrich your dancing/moving, no question about that. So then let’s use the strength or flexibility we got in a more free/dancing way.

To move in such an open way for me is one of the most healing things there are in life. It can bring me back to myself, physically and emotionally.

Because I give space for what there is in the present moment. Then I am not following a plan but listen to my body and follow what has to come out.

Let’s practice to move, in order to feel and express what is inside us.

Music: Prima Donna - René Aubry


Joseph Bartz