Wrist Strength with Band 1

For healthy and strong wrists⁠ ⁠

We use this set of exercises for basic strength of the wrists to create healthy and resilient hands. ⁠ Our wrists, hands and fingers are extremely important in our life. Take proper care of them. ⁠ Strong hands are often forgotten when it comes to upper body strength. But to manipulate things, you need to be able to grab and hold them.⁠

⁠ I usually do 10r of each 2-3 sets. Take 2min rest in between sets. Can be done quite regulary like 4x per week. The muscles around the wrists adapt fast.⁠ ⁠

A) Wrist Flexion⁠

B) Wrist Extension

C) Radial Deviation

D) Ulnar Deviation⁠

E) Pronation

F) Supination⁠


Joseph Bartz