Walking - The Base of the Physical Practice


20th of December 2019

Category: Practical

I see walking as the base of the physical practice.

We do not walk a lot nowadays. In our society, we walk around 2,4km per day, whereas our ancestors have walked 6-16km a day (O'Keefe et al. 2015). My observation is that walking can be an essential factor in your health and well being.

Walking is rebalancing your posture from sitting.

The movement of walking provides nourishment to your joints. It is a soft way to keep your body moving for long stretches of time. It will help your physical being to function normally and prevent sickness (also because you walk outside)

People with dogs are walking much more than the average person. Significant health benefits for them.

But walking also works mentally. It clears the head, lets us think differently than sitting down. I mostly come back with a few thoughts that I like to keep from my aimless walks.

Aimless walks? Yes, walking where you don't head anywhere but stroll around — used to be normal. Nowadays, it is pretty uncommon, especially when you do it alone.

We are all so busy; no one has time. Walking takes time. It's not finished in five Minutes. A walk is usually at least 15 minutes long. Often 1 hour. And not much is happening during a walk. That doesn't fit our zeitgeist. It is spending much time on something where not much is happening.

Walk. Just make the time for it. Develop a walking practice. - To get more walking into your life, walk towards things instead of using a car, bike or public transport. - When you walk instead of using other means of transportation, you will arrive with a different state of mind.

Photo by Andy Day.

Joseph Bartz