Visual language


29th of June 2019

Several of you have asked who is the artist of the "TKFH" picture. ⁠

After years of not even having a real logo, I wanted to have more of a visual language to represent what we are doing. My student Frederic Mejia Duran created the idea of the figures that represent the different aspects of our practice, Leroy Steinmann took over the drawing. Leroy and I got to know each other in the 30 Day Intensive last year and we instantly connected because Leroy is approaching his drawing as a practice, as a craft, he is a constant learner and more than passionate about drawing. He came up with the idea of drawing the figures in "ancient-greek" style, which I love because I love mythology and the ancient. The drawing shown here was the idea of Freddy. The Atlas that is carrying the world as a symbol of holism and it will become the logo of our work. ⁠

Thanks to Frederic Mejia Duran and Leroy Steinmann for creating this visual language that is now becoming part of our appearance. ⁠

Joseph Bartz