5th of December 2019

Category: Practice⁠

SROMP is an abbreviation that I use for „Soft Range of Motion Practice“, often also called Joint Mobility, but SROMP is a bit more specific (notice the word „Soft“ and the word „Practice“).⁠

In my structure, SROMP is the base of the physical practice with two others.⁠

The structure is:⁠

  1. Walking⁠
  2. Sitting on the ground instead of chairs⁠
  3. SROMP⁠

If you work on a desk or in other „immobile“ endeavors, I recommend doing some SROMP regularly (like every 25min, 60min or 120min). 5-10min. Of course, you can do more. ⁠

Actually, most people can benefit from this work, because most people, also active ones, are using a limited range of motion, which through time will lead to loss of range and pains.⁠

I show a SROMP improvisation in this video. The idea is to develop a sense of this practice and your possibilities to be able to use it freely and in the way you need. ⁠

I will soon publish the first levels of more isolated SROMP-movements and provide a practice structure for everyone. This will fit together with the Basic Workouts. It’s all in the works, just takes a lot of deep work.⁠

Thanks to Annika, Christian and @jonathanschmidtraining for all the help in creating this work.⁠

Joseph Bartz