Shoes and Children


23rd of November 2018

Shoes are for protection or to help you perform certain tasks.

Their main reason is protection from the cold and protection from abrasive and sharp surfaces and protection from animals, poisonous plants etc. Other reasons can be protection from spraining the ankles (high shaft) or from falling objects (steel cap). Furthermore climbing shoes can help to climb harder routes, soccer shoes to prevent slipping, dance shoes to do more turns etc.

Where things got problematic was when shoemakers started to make shoes with aesthetics in mind. When the heel rose to make people taller and the toebox got smaller, for I don‘t know what reason, when shoes became a status and fashion item. The next phase was a recent one when people were told they need a raised heel to run and running barefoot is unhealthy.

If you don‘t need extra protection you do not need to wear shoes. Again it is the „fitting in“ that makes us wear shoes almost all the time, some people even in their homes.

Barefoot walking has many health benefits like strengthening the foot, letting the toes regain somewhat of their natural healthy positions, connecting you with the earth and creating more foot mobility.

We put shoes on Ephraim’s feet when it makes sense. No more no less.

Joseph Bartz