The evilness of robotic behaviour

6th of July 2021

When humans interact with each other in robotic ways, I suffer. I suffer from this attack on the holiness of our existence.⁠ Acting robotically is not just dehumanizing your fellow humans; it is dehumanizing yourself as your act machine-like. ⁠ Speed is an enemy. Speed creates phrases, fixed rules, repetitive action.⁠ Quantity can be an enemy. Higher quantities of humans to interact with can make us numb to the individuality of each being.⁠ Irresponsibility is an enemy. The bureaucratic machine is dehumanizing because responsibility seems to vaguely float in space, no one is gripping it.⁠ Fear is an enemy. All sorts of fears that make us not act from human to human.⁠ And of course lack of empathy is an enemy.⁠ Possible first steps out of this hell is to take the following actions:⁠

Say hello to people⁠
Smile at people⁠
Be present⁠
Talk loud enough⁠
Answer properly⁠
⁠ You can practice this every time you are at cash out in the supermarket. That’s one thing that I did.⁠

Practice every day.

Joseph Bartz