The evilness of robotic behavior

When humans interact with each other in robotic ways, I suffer. I suffer from this attack on the holiness of our existence.
Acting robotically is not just dehumanizing your fellow humans; it is dehumanizing yourself as your act machine-like.
Speed is an enemy. Speed creates phrases, fixed rules, repetitive action.
Quantity can be an enemy. Higher quantities of humans to interact with can make us numb to the individuality of each being.
Irresponsibility is an enemy. The bureaucratic machine is dehumanizing because responsibility seems to vaguely float in space, no one is gripping it.
Fear is an enemy. All sorts of fears that make us not act from human to human.
And of course lack of empathy is an enemy.
Possible first steps out of this hell is to take the following actions:
Say hello to people
Smile at people
Be present
talk loud enough
Answer properly

You can practice this every time you are at cash out in the supermarket. That’s one thing that I did.

Practice every day.

Joseph Bartz