12th of August 2019

Reaching is a concept that can be used to develop traits such as creativity, balance, strength, mobility etc.⁠

The idea is simple: You have a partner that shows you a point that you need to touch, typically his hand. ⁠

Usually, we predetermine with what you have to touch, for example, the foot, the hand, the head etc. Other times it can be freely chosen, although that always bares the problem of human laziness. ⁠

Through that scenario you typically go into positions you would not go to alone. A partner can challenge you in a way that you will struggle to do alone.⁠

In the video the students do crawling versions of this training-concept. For example on three, or only on two ipsi or contra. ⁠

You can do the reaches in all sorts of positions. We use that a lot also to develop balancing on the feet. ⁠

You can do it in balance positions, in strength positions, in stretch positions etc. ⁠

People usually have a lot of laughs doing this. Perfect.⁠

Joseph Bartz