The strong community

To build a strong community I apply 3 things:

▫️ Do

▫️ Eat

▫️ Talk

▫️Do together. This can be all sorts of things. Physical doing is my main thing I use.

▫️Eat together. If possible cook together also instead of going to a restaurant and wash the dishes together. Eating together is stronger after doing together. This can be carried out in the southern way (lots of talking at the table) or the northern way (silence at the table) or any other way.


*My main reason for this post: Talking with each other is the third tribe builder.
I propose a culture of group discussions. After every session, we sit down for some minutes and everyone can share his thoughts on what we did. Every now and then a bigger discussion will arise that might go for an hour, in some Intensives that I teach even longer..

*In the circle after the training we can share our experiences, thoughts, ideas and feelings..

*I propose the "no". People of the tribe should always feel that they can openly disagree. In my community no one is shocked when someone tells me (the teacher, tritratritra) in front of everybody that they disagree with me. This is the sign of a healthy community. If people in your community feel afraid to openly speak about disagreements, differences, contradictions or antithesis then your community is sick. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of arguments and consider them something bad. This is a big mistake. I tell people when I disagree with them, especially if people mean something to me! Only in this way problems can be solved. Simple..

*Notice that discussions and doing are two separate entities. When we do, we keep discussions to the bare minimum. The time for discussions is after (besides extreme cases)..

*I use two techniques to help people speak.

1. I directly ask people. "Hans, what do you think?”.

2. We make a talking-stick-round. Only the person with the talking stick has the word. Everyone else is quiet. When you are finished you give it to the next person in the circle.


Joseph Bartz