The ground

Technologies give and take. This is one of our main lessons.
For many years I am teaching sitting and moving on the ground. In the first stage this practice is meant to balance out all the sitting on chairs and standing that we do. Chair-based societies are suffering from tremendous mobility problems in the lower body that can become a huge problem in the second half of your life. And this second half is starting earlier and earlier it seems. Although our possible lifespan has increased a lot through medicine, our time of being agile, young and exuberant has not increased but decreased. The timespan we are old has increased, not the timespan we are young. Many twenty-year-olds are already so fragile as if they just came back from a one year mission on the ISS.
First stage is to learn about different positions sitting on the floor.⠀
Second stage is to transition in between these positions.
If approached right, this will rehabilitate your body and keep you young. You do not have to throw out your chairs, but you have to balance it out.


Joseph Bartz