White Noise

After 9 months of „Waterfall - White Noise” from Youtube* I got the opportunity to show Ephraim the real deal. Of course he fell asleep.

*The theory is, that in the mother’s womb the baby constantly hears the sound of the blood circulating through the mother’s body. This is quite a loud and white noise. Therefore white noise is calming the baby down, because it is the sound of the mother’s womb.
Especially in the first 3 months of the baby in the world this can be very very helpful, as humans are born „too early”. You can just do „shhhhhh” quite loud close to the ear of the baby. It always worked wonders in the beginning of Ephraim’s life. Just sometimes you run out of power doing „shhhhhh” for 20 minutes, and the dish washer is not running at the moment to help you. That’s when I found the „Waterfall - White Noise” video, which had a tremendous effect for the months that I used it. In the moments of existential agony of a baby, where all technical needs are met (food, close body contact etc.) but baby is still not happy, putting on the Waterfall was calming down Ephraim INSTANTLY. Really at the same moment. It has to be relatively loud, laptop speakers might not be enough, same like being close to a real waterfall is relatively loud. Do we love waterfalls because the sounds is remembering us of the time when we had no worries? The Garden of Eden of being yet not born?


Joseph Bartz