This is an important one to understand because it is about being not dogmatic but dynamic in your approach, which is one topic I am eager to push. Humans always lust for T H E answer, that final answer to solve the question. Unfortunately the world is not that easy.
⠀I cannot give people t h e answer what to do in their training for the rest of their life, because it has to be reevaluated often and changed accordingly. Something that is healing you today, could create trouble tomorrow. Routines are a good idea to have something to hold on and work on and to get into the habit of exercising, but eventually, you want to get past the routines or see the routine as something temporary and dynamically and train and move in a dynamic way according to the circumstances. You can start with a routine, but change the routine at some point, until you have done so many routines, that the routines disappear. This will make you understand your body, not doing the same thing every day. The movements that I teach are not T H E movements, they are just movements I chose for today because I have to choose, tomorrow I might choose different ones.⠀


Joseph Bartz