Three of my teachers from recent years. Dostoevsky, Albert Camus, Hermann Hesse. For a time I didn't read any fiction because I thought it would be only entertainment, which I did not like at that time. But a few years ago I realized, that good novels (mostly the once tested through time) tell me much more about life than the non-fiction "scientists xyz have found tralllala" books.
I read non-fiction books regularly but feel that the books of these three have actually impacted me more. If you go through 1000 pages of psychology packed in a story like in Brothers Karamazov it leaves an impact. If you want it to leave an impact.
Ivan Karamazov has been probably the most important figure from these novels for me personally. Followed by Josef Knecht.
Ivan taught me a very important lesson about empathy. That you can actually never really feel the suffering of another person and that injustice often comes from that inability. I remind myself of this lesson often, it creates more empathy for each other.⠀

Thanks to Johannes Gutenberg.


Joseph Bartz