Bridge push-up

The bridge push-up can be quite useful to gain more freedom in movements that utilize the bridge, especially if you go into a bent arm bridge or low bridge. Recommended especially for the "flexible but lacking strength" type, that struggles to work with all bridging movements that involve the bending of the arms.
- the higher you put your legs the more difficult it becomes. So if you struggle to much put your legs lower.
- But if you are not flexible in the bridge you might need to elevate the feet because otherwise you don't get the ROM. (You should be able to straighten your arms and if possible have the shoulders vertically above the wrist in the top position).
⠀- If you are not flexible but also not strong enough you might need to get the help of a partner, spotting you under the shoulders or pressing your knees forward towards your feet.
- Touching the head down is half ROM, touching the shoulder blades lightly onto the floor is full ROM.
- In the video I stay for 3 seconds in the top position and enjoy the stretch.
⠀- I usually do a submaximal work here, 5-10 reps. 3-5 sets.


Joseph Bartz