I tried the iPhone app "Moment", which is tracking how much you use your phone and how often you pick it up. I personally didn't get real value from the app because I am already at the point where I feel very good about how much I use my smartphone. But I think for people that don't know how much they use their phone it can be valuable, also to track your progress, getting your phone use to where you want it to be. As you see with 28m per day I am much below the average of most users of this app, which might also mean that I am even more below the average of most users of smartphones, and I use my phone almost exclusively for my work. Moment told me actually that on some days I use the phone for only 6 minutes, whereas on other days I would use it for around an hour.
In my German article series on "how to protect your brain", I am sharing important strategies on how to use digital technologies. It's available on my website. Learning how to use digital technologies properly and valuable does not happen coincidentally, no most people need training and preparation.
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Joseph Bartz